Sunday, November 7

Mellow Autumn Returns

Well, OK, it's a bit patchy but it's glorious again today - crisp underfoot to start with and the sun glistening through the trees in our bird-busy garden.

This should be a post full of my own pics but for reasons of negligence yesterday and absence today, I have 'borrowed' them from the www instead.

Yesterday was a happy day at St Abbs - good range of yarn-rich stalls, hand dyed yarns, hand spun yarns, dyed fleece, peg loom in action, spinner in action, knitters and needle-felters - and that was just the stall-holders. I waxed lyrical about the delicious space dyed cotton perle I had on sale, and lovely customers delved into the button selections, and gave the hand spun skeins a squeeze and eyed up my flappy hats. The sun shone, the hall was warm and the cakes and tea were very impressive! But I left the camera at home....

For a couple of weeks, I have been meaning to photograph the little ash tree we have at the front of the house, displaying its autumn foliage and bright orange berries. But I've left it a little late now.
Today, Hugh (the resident twitcher) is away training folks in the less-than-gentle art of off-road driving and has the camera with him. So here's a library picture to be going on with...But I could not capture for you our latest visitors, a flock of maybe 25 waxwings, who have found their favourite feast and moved in for a few days.
I borrowed this image without permission from this gentleman's blog. If you follow the link you can read more about the waxwings in the south of the country in January this year.

Enjoy your day!

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Laura Cameron said...

Good to meet you at St Abbs - I'm afraid I don't have many photos of the beautiful stalls either, mainly because I was distracted by the alpacas! Your new HQ is looking amazing already!