Monday, November 29

Progress Report

As you will quickly spot, these top two pics were taken before the GREAT SNOW descended.

This is how the 'public' end of the caravan looked in October, after some destruction work had taken place. A couple of weeks ago it had progressed to this.
Lots of paint and some stitchery. The back cushion I re-covered in pieces salvaged from a fabric sample book, the seat cushion in curtains which I acquired some other way. Can't remember for sure if they were from a village jumble sale but they have been in stock for a while, awaiting their moment of glory.
Since then the heavens have cast down upon us with great enthusiasm and we have nearly 18" of snow to wade through. It is very light and easy to move but no sooner have you cut a crisp neat path than more descends and fills it in again. So my trips across the garden have slowed somewhat. Still, I did want to show off my most recent masterpiece! My dad's old office chair is a memento I have hung onto for seven years. Now, finally I am delighted to give it a new look and a new purpose. I will take huge comfort from using it, knowing that under that kitschy covering lurks the worn original tweedy brown upholstery, now free from cigar fumes, admittedly, but still, to me, the old man's second home

To finish, a slightly underwhelming image: unless, that is, you can accept that there is a small pink glow emerging from the fire. The gas man has finally cometh and I have real live flames on demand from the gas fire and the hob. The end of the beginning of this project is firmly in my sights now!


Helen said...

Seriously jealous - it al looks wonderful, Lindsay.

katie said...