Sunday, March 28

Sticky Fingers

These collaged boxes went off to Paxton, along with another. The first is Bird Box, and here's a close-up of one side..

And this is Lovey Dovey, with a glass teardrop hanging from the shelf.
And then two of Wonderland, which is covered in fairy tales and toys and children's images of yesteryear.
They were fun to make and I am on a roll now, making different collaged papier mache objects so there will be more photographs soon. I am having a great time, getting covered in glue and paint and little bits of paper, not quite singing away to myself but not far off it (even I find my tortured singing difficult to cope with, and my whistling isn't any better).

Today we had a fine Woolgathering - between the ten of us there was spinning, knitting, embroidery, wet and dry felting, kantha work, needlepoint and patchwork all going on, as well as talking, drinking of copious cups of tea and coffee and a substantial amount of cake-eating. It was lovely to see what others are working on and who's seen what and who's got lovely new books to admire or work to display.

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