Monday, March 8

Chocolate Challenge

Yesterday I wrote a post and uploaded it and sw it on the blog and now it has disappeared - completely and utterly vanished, no trace, nada. I am miffed, to put it mildly.

Anyway, what I was waffling on about was that my kind Woolgathering friends and I have rounded up enough pennies to buy a coffee farmer in Nicaragua a new start with cocoa beans. this is what Present Aid (Christian Aid) have to say -

The livelihoods of coffee farmers and their families in Nicaragua are on the brink of disaster.

The warm weather caused by climate change is ruining their crops. The solution is to switch to cocoa, which thrives in warmer environments.

A starter kit contains enough cocoa seedlings for one plot of land and three days training that will help the farmer learn how to cultivate this new crop.

With this new start, livelihoods can be protected and secure the future for farming families.

What I did was clear out some of my arty/crafty supplies, either stuff which had been my Mum's and I was never going to use (there was a lot!) or other treasures that I had gathered along the way. And over a couple of Woolgatherings they were gradually purchased and the pennies went into the Chocolate Fund. I topped it up from the egg money and hey presto!

I'm starting a new collection now, for some pigs for help Bolivian women build a steady income to support their families!

Meanwhile I have been spinning autumnal shades. First a lovely big heap of rolags... ....spun onto two bobbins, one with added bombyx silk fibre, then plied together. I have a few new hanks of hand spun drying at the moment and will take a snap when they are dry and labelled with suitably silly names.

Now to save this and see if it survives to show on Blogger today.


frayedatttheedge said...

Well done on the chocolate front, and I'm looking forward to contributing to the pig fund!!

Karen said...

Such a great way to help people. And I love your golden yarn!