Sunday, March 21

A passion....

....for yarn!
I showed you rolags and part spun bobbins of a greeny gold mix - it's
Moorland now, second from the left in the pic above.
My stash of handspun is growing, ready to head out into the wide world as the end of the week. Crossing Borders artists are again exhibiting throughout the season at Paxton House. Over thirty artists' work will be on show and we'll each be there in person on a different day of the month. My trusty wheel will accompany me, and sometimes a cutting board and papers so I can make envelopes and cards. My first day there is Easter Monday - wonder if there will be any chocolate eggs left over by visiting children...

I've been making more papier mache display boxes and shelves which will be heading to Paxton House too. Must photograph them first.

I have more wee items on display/sale at a brand new space in Jedburgh.
Gallery in the Alley
is run by talented illustrator Linda Lovatt and she'll be holding an open day to launch it (with her delicious cakes too!) very soon.


Helen said...

GORGEOUS!!! Really - they're just lovely. I must get back to spinning!

frayedattheedge said...

lovely colours!! Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday.