Sunday, June 14

Taking Time

This little corner of the world is bathed in sunshine again today - the dogs are happy, Hugh is off-road driving over in Lanarkshire and he's happy. I am in the middle of a few domestic chores to be followed by a period of reading a book and drinking a cup of tea, so I will shortly be happy too!
In this household we are forever trying to reach a destination instead of enjoying the journey - you know, endless lists of stuff to be done, either written down or in your head, items scored off, but more always being added.
Today I am just in apprecation mode - of all the wild birds making their homes in the garden, of the impressive number of courgette and tomato plants growing well in the polytunnel, of the wonderfully spoiled life of Ash and Midge, of the hens scratching away in the grass. As I type this I see I have an audience of no fewer than seven sparrows lined up on the edge of the guttering, peering in.
Here's something else for me to appreciate! These stunning socks, knitted for me by the Jess, my sock star! I dyed the main yarn and Jess used scraps I gathered from Janice to do the toes and heels and tops. The cabling is fantastic - she tells me the sock pattern is called Paraphernalia. The colour scheme is quite 'old school tie' I think, though the wearer is anything but.

And finally my kantha work birdie cushion is finished. The bright and cheerful one behind it is the real thing, which I treated myself to a few years ago.


Anne said...

Oh - I got all excited about your socks and your sewing ... hope you sort out the gremlins soon. You are right - you should enjoy the journey, as well as the destination - and remember the poem about what is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare ....

Anonymous said...

hello - it's me again! Those socks are fabulous - if I didn't have so many things in the knitting queue, I would have to do a pair for me!! Your cushion is lovely - isn't it a nice feeling when things get finished!!

Fiona said...

Great socks and I just love the cushion. Are you taking orders!!
Hope to see you on Saturday at Woolfest.
Fiona x