Tuesday, June 30


Woolfest was the excuse but we managed to escape for a few days to the Lake District, towing the trusty ol' caravan (which I have named Bessie). We arrived at the Ritz of caravan sites, Skelwith Fold, just west of Ambleside. Situated on a wooded hillside, completely invisible from all roads and with lots of landscaping within the site, it was quite an eye opener. At the site shop you can order croissants and petit pains au chocolat to collect at breakfast time the following morning - now that is seriously posh.We had the oldest caravan by decades, no hook-up, no fancy schmancy satellite dishes, barbeques, remote control parking gadgets - no siree. But we did indulge in quite a bit of people- and 'van- watching on the site. Hmmm, I bet they said a few things about us too!The weather was fantastically hot (too hot for us softies) and so on Day One we indulged in a cruise down Windermere to the Aquarium of the Lakes. This involved four different vessels and was pretty fine relaxation. We visited the aquarium ten years ago and one of the attractions we wanted to watch again was the sight of ducks diving underwater. You are situated at the bottom of the 'lake' and can watch through the glass the ducks propelling themselves down to search around for food among the carp and other fishes. Other tanks hold scarier stuff and a slightly curious collection of 'non native' critters like scorpions, and tarantulas and fantastic 'bumble bee poison arrow frogs' which were my favourites. Another day found us beside Coniston where we resisted the temptation to take one of the delightful old steam gondolas across the water to Brantwood - one time home of Ruskin. We had been to Grizedale to walk the sculpture trail - but I'll show you some images from that next time...and I may just mention my Woolfest purchases.


knitting@ripplescrafts.co.uk said...

It was so lovely to see you at woolfest, albeit briefly. Roll on Woolfest 2010. Did the right royal caravan park take tents?

Ash said...

Your stall looked glorious - a technicolour treat of yarn!
The posh caravan park definitely doesn't do tents, sadly.

Anonymous said...

The photos are lovely - and yes please, we want to see what you bought!!