Wednesday, July 8

A walk in the Woods

Our walk around the Sculpture Trail in Grizedale was done in steaming hot weather - quite uncomfortable for us northern types! Fortunately it was too hot for midges to be out, otherwise we would have just travelled direct from car park to cafe... Lots had changed since our last visit a century ago and several of the older creations are damaged or gone but this wonderful flock grazing by a stream were waiting to be stumbled upon. There were giant metal spiders too but I thought you might appreciate them less. There's a huge new visitor complex nearing completion so the air was rent by Stihl saws and the like. However, inside this very posh cafe was another treat (not just the cakes). An exhibition of work by Edward Acland (environmentalist and small holder who lives in the Lake District) who has used old double glazing units and, well, rubbish, as his medium. The windows are framed in wood, as you can just see, and he jam-packs the gap between the panes with layers of all sorts of discarded items. There are layers of, for example, sawdust, sheep's wool, soot, baler twine, toast (!), swarf (the tiny corkscrew metal shavings off lathes), dust and other sweepings. They make abstract shapes and are inspiring in concept and appearance, in my humble opinion.

I have not photographed my haul of dyed wool tops from Woolfest but I may yet do so, or better still, gather together my other few treats from our holiday to show you. Time has been in short supply the last few weeks. I have been very busy behind the scenes with Crossing Borders as we have been applying for grants, and inviting companies to tender for the further development of the website. And we have new permanent display and selling space for members' work at Paxton House near Berwick which we all take turns to look after for a day. I was there on Tuesday this week and as it was a quiet day for visitors I got lots of spinning done!


Anonymous said...

Super photos - somewhere else to add to our list of places to visit! Looking forward to the Woolgathering - I'll even have my swallowtail shawl finished!!

tlc illustration said...

Love those carved sheep! What a lovely walk.