Monday, May 25

May flies by..

Well, Ash has updated her blog after many months' absence, so I'd better get on and do the same...

The cottage is finished and ready for visitors. It has been thoroughly tested out by Hugh's aunt, cousin and dog and a few minor additions made (like, how exactly did I expect anyone to clean the laminate floor without some sort of mop..)
David B has PAT tested all the electrics this morning so we are all proper and correct now. A bit of tidying and planting at the front of the cottage would not go amiss but comfort-wise, it's pretty fine (said she, modestly)
My spinning wheel and I have been reunited lately and we are working well together to make lovely new yarns. I've got a guest spot at The Crafters' attractive shop in Melrose for June so I want to make sure I have tempting goodies to offer.
Before that it's Woolgathering time on Sunday and I am looking forward to catching up with everyone over needles and pins and biscuit or two.....


Anne said...

Looking good - I love your new porch - fingers crossed for lots of bookings

tlc illustration said...

The cottage looks and sounds lovely (I do like the new blog info you've set up about it). Congrats on all the hard work!

Wishing I could come and recoup *there*. Like tomorrow. :-)

tlc illustration said...

I got your lovely, chicken-filled package today. :-) Thank you so much for thinking of me.

The brochure is awesome also. It's in my file of places-I-want-to-go!

Thank you! Hugs and bellyrubs to the girls.