Monday, March 3

Mad March Days

Amulree, Perthshire

Time for a catch-up - weeks have flown by at Shambles Chateau. H and I were in Perthshire for five minutes and Edinburgh for two days. The weather was variable so we got good and soaked in the city, pushed about by the wind whistling down those beautiful classical crescents and wide cobbled streets. Clocked up three exhibitions of one sort or another - the SILVER exhibition at the National Museum of Scotalnd was really impressive and very educational. The modern SILVER FOR THE STARS silverware made for some of our Scottish celebrities was fantastic - this link is to the teapot made for Billy Connolly.
I also took the opportunity to check out the Jerwood Applied Arts Prize 2007 finalists' work in jewellery which was on display in the posh new part of the Museum. Hugh was deeply unimpressed and stood by the window overlooking the Courts, watching the innocent and the less innocent wandering in for their hearings.

After an abortive attempt to see The Bucket List on a big screen (Hugh forgot his glasses, but don't say I told you) we wandered back along Queen Street and called in at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and viewed the amazing talent of the artists who submitted work to the BP Portrait Award 2007 .

So, that was the culture bit. I also managed a visit to the newly opened K1 Yarns boutique by the Grassmarket (they have seats for bored partners/children) and succumbed to a hank of sock yarn from oldmaidenaunt which I have no intention of knitting personally, and a lovely turned wooden crochet hook which I have put to use (picking up dropped stitches in the hat below!).
These bits of nonsense are a beanie for Hugh, two egg cosies made from felted handknit socks that had worn out beyond re-re-darning, and one from some hand dyed yarn. The egg cups are IKEA's - I think someone in the buying dept got carried away as there were thousands remaindered and they will do fine for the holiday cottage.


LittleBrownDog said...

I love Edinburgh, but haven't been there nearly recently enough - your pictures were a great reminder. I also love your egg cosies, and am going to pass your blog adresss on to a friend of mine who is also a keen knitter.

Lovely reading, and thanks for your kind message on my page.
Brown Dog xxx

PG said...

Let me know when you stock up on wooltops/rovings. I am still somewhat unexcited by yarn and knitting, but I am starting to get a frisson with unspun wool. Lovely egg cosies!

Lothlorian said...

wow! imagine drinking your tea from that pot, nice piccy of mr mcgregor too heheee

I love that beanie are you getting real knitting bug now??

Suzi-k said...

all sounds frighfully cultural (but I am green about the exhibitions, they sound fab!) the egg cups with sock hats are really cute!

Courtney said...

Those photos are breat taking.. I so envy you for living in such a beautiful country!!!