Friday, February 8

A Grand Day Out

Blustery weather continues though no more power interruptions, thankfully. Textiles and card making work to the fore (more of the latter in a future post, I hope). Planning permission granted for the works needed on the cottage but still awaiting building warrant before we can start the destruction/construction stuff. My estimate of completion by mid summer is still manageable......
Much more interesting was the Woolgathering last weekend. Great turn out - lots of different textile crafts represented and new stuff on show. Janet had been making bags from Hinnigan's delicious tweedy fabrics, Lorraine was working on a great patchwork, Anke and her daughter Hannah were weaving (in the pic they had both run out of oomph - Hannah's weaving is visible in front of her (she's lost in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) and Anke had moved her big table loom out of the way to set about her knitting. Helen and Liz and Anne were knitting, Diana was spinning, Rona knitting, Amanda contemplated her needlework project, in much the same way as I contemplated my spinning. Linda did knit, then frogged her sock completely and sold the yarn to Lorraine! Janice did her most hated job of sewing up a jacket she had finished knitting.
Lots of shared ideas and looking at new textiley books and magazines, lots and lots of purchases and swaps of yarn and other essentials, and quite a bit of coffee drinking and cake eating. Another good bit for me was doing a swap with Anke - willow shoots in exchange for some of her home reared bacon and sausages!
As you can see, the village hall was looking a bit shambolic. Hugh and I and several other hall stalwarts had spent a few hours on Saturday stripping out fifty years of accumulated rubbish - the loft was sadly not full of treasure but of abandoned kitchen units, desiccated papers, rags and woodworm. The resultant junk was piled in the main hall so we had only half of it free to use on Sunday.


PG said...

Looks brilliant fun (I spotted the narnia book first of all!).

Suzi-k said...

looks, fun, and I lOVE the new header!