Tuesday, March 18

Madder by the Minute!

Now that I have written the title, I discover I am terribly pleased with myself as not only am I mad (as in cross), I have been natural dyeing with madder (and others too). Sadly, that's as smart as I have managed for weeks.
Anyhow, apart from grumping about having a tooth out last week and the seemingly perpetual ache from that (it DID not want to come out but I will spare you the details...) I am now grumping about the Building Control Section of Scottish Borders Council who have changed their minds and want us to amend our plans again for the cottage. Whatever the outcome (and we are investigating how we can appeal against their decision), we will effectively lose any chance of having the cottage ready to let this season at all. It's enough to send me looking for the sloe gin!
In between sulks I have had some fun dyeing these sportweight yarns with natural dyes, for sale on The Border Tart, and also dyed wool tops for spinners and felters. The new puppy Midge has been helping with garden clearing. This involves returning to the house from every trip to the garden with another little treasure in her teeth - from gravel to sticks, leaves, dried grass, mud, hen poo - hmmm, life in the country, eh?!
Looking forward to a post-Easter Woolgathering at the end of the month - always a great opportunity to indulge in lots of textile talk of one sort or another. Then maybe it really will be Spring.


Lothlorian said...

wow those are lovely, isnt the fibre delicate looking!

I messaged you before the weekend, are you free for a coffee soon????

PG said...

Hey, good to see you offering tops, but when I clicked on the link all I get is a web page with your url on, but saying that

This domain is parked, pending renewal, or has expired.


Ash said...

Waaaah! The trouble with not holding the domain name myself. Hope to have this sorted by the end of the day - and there's more bright coloured tops in the shop too

Suzi-k said...

oh what a shame about the plans for the cottage, it is so frustrating when red tape and bureaucracy mess with your dreams! Hope it is resolved soon, and that by now the toothache is a thing of the past.