Wednesday, July 18

Hidden Treasures!

Blimey, a fortnight since my last post. Some of it spent with Hugh's lovely aunt - we had a ball, went to the seaside and had chips, went round Floors Castle and tested the tearoom, went out for dinner one night (notice a theme here?) and walked and drove through the glorious Borders countryside. Since then, more sorting of stuff, working in the garden and making another rag doll because, yes folks, it's local show time again very soon!

The old photographs have been dragged down from the attic next door for good. The one above shows how we spent our summers when I was a child, fishing for lobsters off Ardnamurchan Point. Here's a family friend, me, little brother and Dad with an impressive haul - the latter three all in sweaters knit by Mum, of course!
And this must be The Lost Children - Big brother and me at seven and two years old in Granny's garden- well, that's what it said on the back of the photograph but I can't say I remember looking that clean and tidy.

Today a delicious parcel arrived from a Secret Fairy, aka Kajsa, full of fancy teas strung up like bunting, embroidered cloths with ladybirds and bees, handcoloured cards and envelopes, lavender, cedar chips and a wonderful ball of coloured wool tops all ready for spinning. A real treat - and Ash thought so too, as you can see...


tlc illustration said...

Wow!! What a haul! It all looks terrific.

Thanks for posting.

Kajsa said...

I hope that you find enjoyment in the parcel's contents, Lindsay. Happiest tea-time to you!

Lothlorian said...

LOOK at those pictures how cute are you!!!!! I love the top one too so nice

Great parcel too did you manage to prize ash away ;)