Wednesday, July 4

Confidence Boost Day!

Today is a good day.

One : We collected Hugh's aunt from the station last night and plan lots of touristy things every day of her stay - we started off by having lunch at the great little Turkish cafe in Hawick (yes, really!) and showing off our exhibition where Peggy decided she needed to buy one of Hugh's paintings.
Two: Cue trumpets - The Border Tart makes it into print in BBC Homes & Antiques this month.
Three: The Craftsman has been re-launched as Craft & Design Magazine, issued bi-monthly and I was interviewed for a forthcoming issue today by the lovely Hazel Reid who is an embroiderer and journalist and hen keeper!


tlc illustration said...

Ooooo - congrats on your famousness!

Suzi-k said...

wow that's so great! Hope sales go through the roof and stay there!

Helen said...

Great news Lindsay. I am still trying to get to the exhibition .... it's not too late is it?


Lothlorian said...

yay congrats missy *gets pompoms out* look forward to seeing you soon xx

Ash said...

Exhibition on till 12th August, Helen, and I'd love to know what you think of my weird art!

Countryman Clive enjoyed his appearance in the magazine so much that he left to live in the Scottish Islands with a new owner!