Thursday, February 1

All Gathered In

February already - scary, really. On Sunday we had Wool Gathering No 2 - nearly twenty of us gathered in the hall, looking quite industrious and laughing lots too. The crochet lessons were a challenge for some but others were already a whizz and producing amazing things. Alison, who makes very fancy drapes for mansion houses amongst other things, was creating crochet LACE with a tiny hook that would not have looked out of place in a dental surgery. There was fancy sock knitting going on, sales and swaps of yarns and patterns, munching of Lorraine's delicious traybakes, felt ball making, tassels and wrapping and fringes and, well, just STUFF going on.
(Just discovered that Cairi took pics and posted them here on her blog - good girl! - and look how industrious everyone is!)

In March the No 3 day will have a recycling theme - rag rugs, crocheted plastic bags, uses for felted sweaters, making fabric bowls and more besides.

As for The Border Tart webshop - it chugs along, developing gradually. I have a few more mountains to climb but progress is steady and I'll have another photo session at the weekend of all the things I forgot to do the first time.

I'll leave you with this delicious snap of Hugh's late father Stan on a day at the beach in the early 1930s


PG said...

That sounds such fun, the nearest we get to that down here is the Women's Institute, which has the occasional posy in an egg cup contest and an average age of 65...

Randi said...

Great blog and I'm adding you to my list of favorites! Thanks for visiting me and I'd be thrilled for you to add me!