Thursday, February 8

Art and Soulful Secret Fairy

Oh the delight in arriving home to find a parcel full of goodies! My not-so-secret fairy is Whimsy
and she sure did her homework! Lots of lovely papers for my collages, and beads, and tiny mirrors and refreshments for Ash and us! Her ladyship sussed immediately that there was something in the package for her and we got no peace till she sampled a chew. Yip, we all think SOSF parcels are a GOOD thing!
I've been making new contacts in blogland and adding links. Have also acquired myself some delicious sock yarn and plan to speak verrrrry nicely to ace knitter Cairi who could have them knitted years before I ever could.


tlc illustration said...

Fun stuff-package! They are all so different and individual... It is delightful to see.

carolyn said...

Lots of lovely goodies there, I'll be back to see what you do with them!