Thursday, September 4

Cakes and Sales

What a fine weekend we had! It was grand to welcome friends old and new to Chesters as part of the Art Trail. I had fun encouraging visitors to pick up a pencil or two and design a blue sheep. The flock is substantial now, and I have plans for their reproduction...
 a sample of the indigo flock
Our Macmillan pop-up coffee shop raised nearly £300. Big thanks are due to my generous helpers who baked and poured and washed and stayed cheerful throughout.
A display of books I have made over the last few years

The lovely little knitting book I have for sale

One of my unique handmade paper lampshades

Sun shining on the (b)righteous!


Caroline said...

What a lovely visit I had. Eating cake, blethering, colouring in a sheep...... Playgroup for big people!

Anonymous said...

What lovely things!

(and I love the indigo sheep)

Tart said...

Glad the indigo sheep have been a success - such concentration went into the colouring in that it all went quiet every so often in my workroom.