Thursday, August 28

Art Trail Eve

I've had a busy time arranging, and rearranging, and fussing about to get my new workspace sorted for the next three days' public viewing.
The cottage living room has tables and chairs and sofas at the ready for coffee shop business, and there have certainly been a few cakes baked. You can enjoy your refreshments surrounded by large canvases painted by Hugh, and smaller stitched silk and paper by me. All lit by a lovely wooden table lamp or two or three with handmade shades.

I called this one Titanic because it lists to port (or starboard, if you prefer)
So I should show you images, but I got too carried away taking photographs of shelves and tools and stuff instead, including my lovely Mark Hearld paper bird perched on the desk light.

 So really, if you want to see more, just mosey along. Hugh will be in his cabin, showing new work and some daft bargains, I'll be in my workspace and you'll surely smell the coffee. If in doubt follow the arrows!

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