Friday, May 9

Washing Blues

So happy that it was dry and breezy today. 
Twenty two blue skeins hanging on the line, from palest 'summer sky with clouds' to deep ocean shades. All had a fine airing and are almost ready to twist together and label up. 
A batch of new indigo products was also drying quietly but I am not ready to reveal them yet..... ;)

Last weekend was great! I had a fine time at Art@Ancrum, welcoming a wide range of visitors into the little barn beside the shop. Lots of oohs and aahs at the pile of indigo yarns on display but some lovely appreciative comments about my framed artwork too. I spent my days spinning and chatting, with occasional forays to the shop for coffee. All of the artist participants were pleased at the sheer numbers of visitors and I was very chuffed by surprise visits from far-travelled textile friends on each of the three days. Thank you all for coming to see me!

Hugh had a strenuous weekend of biking and hiking for Maggie's Cancer Care Centres. He and his team mate managed the undertaking in a very creditable time. He suffered no ill effects except tiredness and is now considering a different bike/walk challenge for next year...

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