Saturday, December 21

A Few Textile Treats

 In March I was in Glasgow with Jeni, Swati and Murji, touring contemporary textile makers. One highlight was the showroom of Timorous Beasties.

In springtime a carload of us headed down to Farfield Mill near Sedbergh to enjoy a great display of contemporary quilters' talents - 
 including Pauline Burbidge and Lynn Setterington
 In July I loved a trip to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. Admired so many diverse styles and themes (and succumbed to some traditional kekfesto fabric squares which patiently await transformation any time now into...err...)
 In the summer I was able to do some indigo dyeing outside - what a treat!
 And stitch up a few block-print birds, inspired by cradle toys seen in Gujarat.

I've spun many yarns this year but almost the last I did was this one, which Pat Douglas of Carlenrig Farm (have you seen her lovely work?) knitted up to keep her Italian grand daughter warm this winter.

Hope you all keep warm and dry and merry this Christmas too!


Anonymous said...

I like your blog and still enjoy the pictures, but what happened to your writing. I sometimes see a shadow of writing but the letters fade into the blue background.

Tart said...

Hello! I am at a bit of a loss to know why the words have become invisible. The background to the central section of the blog is white so all text should show up clearly, above and below the images.

Does anyone else suffer from loss of my fascinating prose? I wonder if I should change the design of the blog if this is a widespread problem.