Wednesday, December 11


 I like numbers - always happy when the odometer shows a pleasing figure, especially a palindromic one. And numerically pleasing dates are pretty fine too. Today is the last date this century with three consecutive numbers, (in this country at any rate - across the pond they will have 12.13.14)

But then I like irregularity too. Especially in my stitching, fortunately. This is the pantoran - wall or window hanging -  handstitched throughout - that I made as a sample to show Souter Quilters at the workshop a month ago.
 And you might remember I posted up some of the works-in-progress on the day.

Well Charlie's work looked like this - all planned out but still to be stitched.

 So I was delighted when she sent me photos of the finished work. Look at all that lovely kantha stitching highlighting the motifs she picked! I felt a wee glow of satisfaction that folk had such fun with needle, thread and hand printed fabrics.

Charlie Rutherford's work

As we head for mid-December, I have one fair left but this time I am simply arranging who goes where and then taking refuge in the hall kitchen to make bacon rolls and heat soup. Saturday's event is the little-but-lovely Christmas Fair in Southdean Hall - doors open at 12 noon and you can check out the hall's Facebook page to see some of the great makers we have rolling up on the day.

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Lizzi said...

Pretty fine stitching.

Good teaching. :-)