Friday, September 20

Tea and Sea

Tempted to post up more images from the Summer Isles but first, yet another reminder about a forthcoming event. 
SUNDAY 22 SEPT from 2pm till 5pm
Entry by donation to 
Macmillan Cancer Support 
and then...
lots of delicious baking 
- sweet and savoury -
 served by a long suffering man in a kilt
and a winsome French maid 

Go on, you know you want to!
The week on the island was hosted by Helen Lockhart of Ripples Crafts. She's an indie dyer living off grid in Assynt, who has a great reputation for delicious colour combinations in her yarns, inspired by the landscape around her.
 The Summer Isles issue their own stamps

 And do a fine range of sunrises
 The view from the top of Meall Mor, the not-very-big highest point on the island
 Looking across the bay to the Schoolhouse where I stayed

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Lizzi said...

Missing it already.