Tuesday, September 24

Above is some of the sock weight yarn I indigo dyed this summer. Jakki picked a dotty skein to knit her jeans socks with.
I'll be dyeing further skeins of sock and double knitting next week but I thought I would make a cowl in one of the less contrast dyeings of merino dk to show how it looks. It sits really snugly up the back of my neck (ideal for short haired types) but is rather smart when folded down too. At the rate that autumn in marching in, I will be wearing it very soon.
 I had ten pairs of sharp Japanese thread snips left in stock so they all got embroidered pouches recently.
 Did I show you this little Indian block print bird before? He's got a line of sequins along his back and is the subject of a workshop I am running later in the year. Can't promise real sunshine then, but the fabrics are so bright they always lift the spirits
 This rich red aran weight yarn is one hand dyed by Helen (Ripples Crafts) and destined to become part of my Winter 2013 sweater (which means it gets started this winter, not necessarily finished...)


Anonymous said...

Hi. I love the socks and the cowl. Your Indigo dyeing is just lovely. I am feeling another purchase coming on quite soon! Hope to see you at the weekend. I am looking forward to it.Fx

Lizzi said...

Nice job with the cowl. I like it. I love the wee birdie, too.

Helena Cheng said...

that's awesome!

Gill Ashby said...

I love the denim sock yarn

Tart said...

Thanks folks for the nice comments about the indigos. I have base yarns all ready to dye my next batches with - such fun!