Wednesday, August 7

Venturing south

tomorrow and to the Festival of Quilts on Friday! A first for me, and I am hugely looking forward to it. So much textile creativity in one location - a multitude of gallery exhibitions from international artists and groups, masses of quilts in all shapes and sizes, and rather too many suppliers for my purse to cope with. 

I am lucky to be travelling there with a fine textile artist friend, and we will be staying with a couple with great taste (heavens, they rented our cottage when it was a holiday let - of course they are lovely!)

Two Indian exhibitions I really want to see there are:

Banjara - historic textiles, and in particular rare items showing patchwork techniques combined with embroidery from Gujarat and Rajasthan.


and Godharis (quilts) from Maharashtra, made by individuals in their homes. It's not an official industry, and nor is it organized by any NGO. Each piece comes from a different location in the state, often from remote villages and settlements. Each godhari is layered with old clothes and weighs up to 6kgs. 

Then, of course, there are masses of contemporary pieces to see, from all over the world. Like Karin Oestergaard from Denmark, who uses plants, birds and cows in her quilts....

I do hope I can take photographs....

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