Sunday, August 18

Rural Life!

Yesterday was our annual Southdean Show - it rained, and the wind threw alarming gusts at the marquee in the morning, necessitating further novel methods of anchoring it to the car park - but it was still a great wee show with many happy visitors. 
The bagpipes, the ferrets, the cockerels and the Pimms were all pretty popular.
The Industrial entries in the Hall were much admired, not least the impressive number of chocolate cakes, and there were ten separate entries in the 'six best eggs' category!
Caroline has put fine images up on Southdean Hall's Facebook page for all to admire.

No prizes for noticing this is another blue post. Below are most of my fabrics from a pack of kekfesto indigo blue printed Hungarian cotton that Mirjam and I bought at the Festival of Quilts. We split the 50 differently patterned squares between us (amicably!). No specific projects in mind yet, but too good to pass up. (The pale bit in the second row is just a patch of sun.)

And these? I have wanted to try sashiko stitching for a while and took the opportunity to buy the genuine article at the Festival. Soft thread, long sturdy needles and loose weave cottons. Now I just need to apply a little self discipline and make nice even stitches.

The top picture? Well, it's nearly annual ART TRAIL time and my signboard sheep has had a repaint. She is now sporting a painted blue rug over her back, and will be pointing the way to Tart HQ on 31st/1st/2nd. 
Not got yourself an Art Trail guide yet? 
Follow the link and download one, then treat yourself to a day or two or three out and about in the Borders, visiting us all!

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