Monday, October 17

Autumn Daze

It's difficult to concentrate when the rain is driving horizontally at the windows, and it's not a helpful beat to spin to. BUT, it's warm and comfortable in the kitchen this evening and I'd like to claim that the wheel and I are in perfect harmony. I certainly love it and spinning with my NEW PURPLE CLOGS on is good fun. I will photograph them as they deserve a wider audience. I had them made on holiday at the clog shop in Invermoriston. I sound even more like a baby elephant than usual, clumping about on our laminate floors but I don't care.

On Sunday I am off to Aberlady to a craft fair with some familiar goodies and some new stock too.  These are my Amulet Shawl Pins - what do you think?


Lizzi said...

I remember that wee clog shop - it's great. I didn't get any clogs though - can't wait to see yours.

MissSultana said...

WOW! Did u make them all? what abt the bird cage? I liked that one especially :)