Wednesday, April 20

Today's List

Good things
  • My wee chair for the Textile Towerhouse Chair Challenge was finished off.
  • The final painted Tart HQ sign was given two coats of varnish.
  • The latest buttons were admired (by me) and made ready for sale.
  • My little sewing kits were labelled up.
  • A textile-y meeting was attended on behalf of Crossing Borders.

Bad things
  • An expensive problem with the chimney came to light (smoke sneaking into the cottage bedroom from our kitchen stove).


katie said...

oh - bother those bad things - but those buttons!!! YES! where do i buy them please miss!
enjoy your easter chocolate fest

Lizzi said...

I'm with Katie on the buttons...............

Anonymous said...

Love the chair and well the buttons, it goes without saying!! FX