Thursday, April 7

Seaspray and scraps

We ran away to the seaside yesterday. It was a belated celebration of my birthday and had all the elements of a memorable day. Very blustery at the beach but that meant it was only us out there - the dogs had a fantastic morning.
I acquired new walking boots (not before time - my existing pair have been used a lot since their purchase in April 2002).
We had lunchtime chips on the sea-front at Eyemouth, and coffee with a friend en route home.I spent some of the weekend slicing up fabric and sewing this small quilt. It's multicultural - African indigo dyed fabrics interspersed with my pal's old summer batik trousers (thanks, A!) and with a surround of more recycled batik fabric. On the back is a piece of old blue duvet cover and the wadding is ancient English wool blanket. And here's a progress report on the wee school chair makeover. These are the front and back of the slipccover for the chairback.


TaraLarsenChang said...

Happy belated birthday! (sounds like perfect day). Where do you go to the shore?

Am loving your fabric flowers. Would make awesome pillows as well.

Helen said...

Happy Birthday from me too! Ahhhh Eyemouth and chips :-) I remember it well. Sounds like you had a perfect birthday. Enjoy the new boots.

Tart said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes - it gets a bit scarier next year with a big round number but I'll struggle on!
Tara we just headed to the east coast, south of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Accessible coastline to the west is a longer drive, though there would have been the opportunity for ice cream as well as chips, I reckon!

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) birthd\y. Sounds like the perfect day to me, too. Love your blue quilt - fabby colours.

Lizzi said...

Sorry - forgot to add my nam.

Lizzi said...

OK - now you know I am a lost cause - first of all - Happy Birthday (with an A) and secondly - I forgot to add my namE. And now I will preview before I post.