Friday, February 25

A Change... as good as a rest, so they say...
What tosh.
I'd like another weekend in Dublin instead please!
But I've settled for a new look to the blog, and labelling and packing up all my goodies for tomorrow's Woolly Day at St Abbs. Other important duties - deciding what type of muffins to make for Sunday's Woolgathering.... I'm favouring home grown blackcurrants and flaked almonds at the moment...

I am blessed with several very fine friends but one I have never met is Maureen who lives a simple life in Spain, knitting and drawing and raising food crops with Phil. We have corresponded for eleven years now, and her letters are ever more creative. Imagine my delight at her latest card - it unfolded into a whole procession of caravans (a caravan of caravans).
Here's a close-up of the window, complete with knitting needles and coloured pencils. The girl has such style!

On that happy note, I am off to find my ginger wine supply. The weather's much milder today but it's still officially winter till this particular tipple is finished.


Helen said...

Love the new look :-)
Is there any chance a muffin will survive in the post? If not, then please eat one for me. Have a great time on Sunday.

Lizzi said...

I can vouch for the muffins - in fact, I did the next best thing, Helen - I had one for you too!

A girl's got to do......sigh......

Thanks, Lindsay, a great Woolgathering and excellent sustenance.