Monday, February 21

Assorted Travels

Just back from my first trip to Dublin - a great weekend spent with friends doing some touristy tours and a little light cultural stuff too. The Irish hospitality and general good craic was much in evidence - so many very fine folk having a good time was uplifting to experience. Quite a bit of dodgy green leprechaun-type tat too but the good bits outweighed it!

Amongst other things, I now have a better grasp of Irish history than I did, thanks to an in-depth and eye-opening tour of Kilmainham Gaol, and a huge admiration for the abilities of Eileen Gray who was an architect and design force to be reckoned with and died, still working, at the age of 98. To see correspondence with Le Corbusier, to see her chrome designs predating Mies Van Der Rohe's, was blooming impressive. This image is from the National Museum's website.The museums and galleries of Dublin would take days, weeks to get round and I only had time for a quick dip into a couple. Lovely old buildings, housing fascinating works of art and craft. Then there were the books in the National Gallery shop to drool over...

In other news.... I am off to Woolfish in St Abbs this Saturday 26th for a grand textile day in the company of lots of lovely yarn sellers. Fancy a day out by the sea? Drop in an see us!

Or come along to Chesters on Sunday for a Woolgathering - it all happens round here, y'know!

Apologies for the spacing and fonts in this post - Blogger and I are not seeing eye to eye tonight..


Helen said...

Sigh ..... I'd love to be there on Sunday. Say hello to everyone for me :-)

Tart said...

One day we'll all be in the same place at the same time - probably Woolfest when you are snowed under with eager wool fiends!