Wednesday, May 26

Green Fingers?


Don't know where the days go but I just looked up and it's nearly June....
Spinning demo at The Wee Gallery went well as I had the lovely company of Lizzi for much of the session - she was a very keen student and the time flew by! Then I retreated to a coffee shop for some of the afternoon with more lovely friends (I am blessed!)
Since then, more spinning and book making and general creativity in preparation for my month at The Crafters in Melrose.
I'm planning a major baking session soon as I'll have a stall at ... We're hoping for a good turnout as there will be lots to buy or trade and plenty of scones and jam and cream to keep our strength up. I'm seeking sweet pea seedlings and tomato plants and planning on selling home-baked breads (olive and sundried tomato, anyone?) and cakes by the slice as well as those luscious coconut flapjacks which I am now slightly addicted to.

Then, there's the Art Tour in Northumberland to look forward to - every weekend in June. The wonderful Katie has invited me to run workshops on Saturday 12th at her great new space at Allen Mill- with on site bakery and micro brewery - could be worse, you know!
MAKE recycled craft workshop
Allen Mill
Hexham, Northumberland NE47 9EQ


katie said...

ah - I see I am the three millionth visitor today - does that qualify me for something? what's that - a workshop at MAKE recycled craft workshop from the Border Tart? I'm in! With badges too you say - what's not to like?

Helen said...

Oh no .... does this mean you won't be visiting Gardening Scotland next weekend? I was hoping you would come by and say hello!!

Karen said...

Gosh, Lindsey--you're going to be busy!