Sunday, October 11

A Wee Treasure

Life in Chesters is one merry round of events and social gatherings....even if most of them involve hard work by the village hall committee. On Friday night we gathered to watch 'A Streetcar Named Desire' in all its black and white glory. I had forgotten how scary Blanche DuBois was and at least some of the audience found this oldie not worth reviving. Most of us were glad when it was over.Attending the film meant I was on hand when a 'new' pile of books was dropped off at the hall. There's a couple of bookshelves there for folk to recycle their old tomes for the good of the hall's coffers. Rosie is moving house and had had a clear out. Thus I found 'The Getabout Bird' by Madeleine Collier, published in 1944 and with these delicious illustrations by Jennetta Vise. You can read more about her illustrating career on this fascinating blog
Meanwhile, there's much spinning, stitching, paper-cutting and chutney making in evidence as there are a few events coming up for the Border Tart... more soon..

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Anne said...

Wonderful illustrations! Later today I'm going to attempt quince and apple jelly ....