Sunday, April 5

Rainbow Daze

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz. I've seen my first primroses, the snake's head fritillaries are out in a wee corner of the garden, I've had a birthday and I still have not planted any seeds.

Today was a Woolgathering and we managed quite a few stitches between us, in all sorts of different projects. I came away with more yarn, and a knitting magazine, sold eggs and fibre, ate cake and biscuits and drank tea. The sun streamed in the window onto a big jug of daffodils gracing the work table.

I feel altogether lighter after a day like today (in mood, not in body, due to the cake and biscuit element). Mind you. with socks like these to have and to hold, can you blame me? Knitted by the lovely Jess from yarn dyed by Wild Fire Fibres, they remind me of rainbow drops sweets we bought when we were kids.


Anonymous said...

Had a great day too.I allways feel so chilled out when I come home from a day ay Chesters See you at the end of May but hopefully before. Check out the new name on Ravelry. Wanted Woollyewe but not available. Fx

Anne said...

Had a puzzled moment looking at your first photo - I took a similar one yesterday evening when we went for a walk after dinner with Malcolm's sisters (they are still in bed sleeping off their brother's generous hand with the wine!) As always, super day yesterday!