Thursday, March 26

A whole new experience

by Tamzin


by Matthew

by Evan
I had a lovely couple of hours on Monday. One class at Denholm Primary School are studying how the Vikings lived and they have been doing some simple weaving with wool yarns. I was chuffed to be asked to come along and demonstrate carding and spinning so that they could understand the process from fleece to yarn.

This was my first viewing of the new school - the old one was demolished by fire a few years ago and the teachers and children had to make do with a very few temporary buildings in the yard of another school in Hawick until the great day when their brand new school was opened. This one is so well designed that it is a treat to spend time in. Great facilities for the four different classes and views of the Borders countryside from every window.

Anyway, teacher Diane was very gentle with me, and the children were impeccably behaved and sat crosslegged in a semi circle as I talked them through the process. Later they divided into little groups and we had some 'hands on' with fleece and tops and carders.
Then yesterday what was waiting for me when I came home but a thank you letter and a little drawing from each and every one of them! Here's a small sample of their wonderful artwork. I'll save you from viewing the accompanying photograph of me spinning.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely thing to do! The pictures are just fab. Many thanks for the invite to the next wool gathering. I will be there by hook or by crook or should we say crutch!! Fx

Anne said...

I think the children have drawn very good likenesses of you!! Looking forward to next Sunday, love, Anne

tlc illustration said...

Aren't school visits the best? (I love the pictures. :-)