Saturday, August 11

After the Show was over...

The entire hall committee collapsed in an exhausted heap!

The local show nearly didn't happen at all - Foot and Mouth saw to that - but the trusty few worked long and hard to make it a good day, albeit on a reduced scale. There were scarcely any raindrops, youngsters were seen to have a good time, there were no serious tears, much cake was consumed (and even more tea), books and bric a brac were snapped up, home grown produce and baked goods were purchased, the bran tub proved a hit with the tiddly children, the correct weight of the fruitcake was guessed (4lb 1oz) and the doll's name was guessed too (Hannah) though not by any of the pink-clad young girls and others who laboured hard over their choices and opted for names like Milly or Molly or Polly or Lolly. My cheese scones won a first prize (am I proud? - you bet!) and Hugh won us a great big box of fruit in the raffle. And we had the ice cream van lady there again - summer summed up!

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