Sunday, March 18


Hmmm, the days are rushing past and I am not achieving enough. At the moment while I am still in paid employment during the day, if I am out maybe one or two nights in the week I seem to lose far more than just those hours. I look round and the calendar has bounded on without me. And I am not managing to keep up with your blogs either. I have caught up with Suzi K whizzing about in her 'disreputable dressing gown' and Tara's much envied future escape but there's lots more out there that I NEED to stick my nose into!

Still, the website is pretty much ready to go although I have entered an area of inadequate knowledge (to quote a wonderful uncle of mine - it was particularly wonderful because he was poking fun at my father when he accused him of that many years ago) Once I acquire some help for this particular hiccup I think it should be OK.

The Woolgathering was a bit different this time round as Anne showed us how to make fabric bowls and had made up wee kits for us - lovely Japanese patterned cottons for the outsides and various prints for the insides. Once we had all revisited the gentle art of hand sewing - twelve darts and then the circumference in neat running stitch - it was quite a relief to get out with the scissors and hack up the lfet over old clothes. (The jumble sale raised nearly £400 which is amazing for such a titchy wee village)

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