Monday, March 5

Got the Blues!

Why are accountants so logical and sensible and real? A visit to see ours this morning has put me in a blue mood. When it boils down to it our finances do look a little precarious and future income negligible but I really didn't want the reality check that I got. I've been up in my garret tidying heaps of fabric and papers this evening and it has cheered me a bit to be surrounded by colours and textures but simultaneously eating chocolate probably wasn't the best move.

This weekend was mostly devoted to the Village Hall as a few of us cleaned out the junk from one room and tackled the gloomy dirty kitchen with brushes and rollers and paint. It now looks more hygienic and much much brighter. Lemon yellow is not a colour I would allow in my house but for a light-starved community space it is OK!

Next Saturday is jumble sale day and already the 'stuff' is arriving. I'll be through the clothing with a fine tooth comb looking for sweaters to felt and interesting fabrics. As well as the usual tables of clothes/toys/books there will be a home produce table too, just because no village event would be complete without one. So I'll be making lemon curd and biscuits and maybe a cake or muffins one (or two) evenings this week. Then Sunday is the Wool Gathering. Only a small group of us this time but I think it will be fun.

Border Tart site nearing completion and now, of course, I'm not happy with it.... But I have ordered some postcards to mail out to everyone I can think of and am still aiming for April 1st to go live - maybe with more of a whimper than a bang!


tlc illustration said...

So sorry about the reality whimper. (but unless you were getting chocolatey fingerprints on your fabric and colors, I would think eating it WOULD help!)

They always say, 'Follow your passion/dream, the money will follow'. I still want to believe that (this year at least, for me, it's even been true).

PG said...

...they say that because they are safe, organised types who would not know an artistic impulse if it bit them on the bum. But somewhere in the cold, sensible metal of their souls their daydreams cry for release. Maybe they will take up watercolours when they retire. Hooray for following your path and eating chocolate!