Thursday, January 4

Chocolate Overkill

Trying to be good. Cupboards still full of chocolate in various forms. Difficult for the willpowerless...It is out of sight but I know it is there.

I had hoped to be off to a racing start with the website design but fates have decreed otherwise and I am miserably coughing and spluttering and presently have the attention span of a hen. I have enjoyed reading others' blogs of Christmas exploits and am truly grateful to the generous blogfriends out there who have sent wishes and treats. Itching to join the Society of Secret Fairies to participate in the latest swap but must restrain myself for a little longer and focus on work in hand.
I bought myself a book of copyright free vintage labels before Christmas which will keep me amused for ages - like the delicious elephant above.
Gathering names for the next Wool Gathering at the end of the month - this time there are crochet lessons and an afternoon spent making embellishments of all kinds - tassels, felt balls, swiss darning (I think that's what it is called), embroidery, fringes, and anything else that we fancy.


tlc illustration said...

You have a couple more weeks before you have to decide for sure re: the next SOSF event.... It shouldn't be a huge deal - just a card, and a way to use up all that chocolate in your cupboards? :-)

Looking forward to your website.

Ash said...

Why am I even hesitating?! I will sign up and exchange some of my quality chocolate stash and enjoy myself card making.