Monday, December 29

Dressing Up -

My workroom window has been unadorned until now. 
I gathered my dyeing samples together,
added fabric from a kantha shirt (which I bought for Hugh on India trip no. 1 but which was far too short for him),
and some from dark blue cotton/linen trousers which survived both trips and owed me nothing. 
Large patches were soon stitched up, and I backed it with a lightweight thermal curtain lining. Chuffed with result.

Also chuffed with Hugh for baking a stollen-type bread for our Christmas breakfast!


Lizzi said...

This is my type of curtain. Lots of colour, lots of upcycling and great results.

I think the Stollen comes a very close second. Especially as it was made for you. What a talented guy - chef and rock star!

Janis Embleton said...

They look brilliant, Lindsay and every time you look at them you will be reminded of places you visited while wearing the fabrics. Lovely

Tart said...

Thanks both, it is a nice reminder of my travels, and you know how I like to hang on to all my memories of India!