Sunday, July 28

A Fine Weekend

...spent at the Border Union Show!
The sun beat down. Farmers and horseriders, feed merchants and bankers, fisherfolk and woodworkers, tractor men and insurance brokers, prize winning butchers, awesome ice cream makers, motorcycle stuntmen and the Countess of Wessex were all there. So were my wonderfully talented artist and maker friends, in the Craft Hall and in The Story of Wool marquee.
I didn't capture much on camera as I spent most of my time treadling my trusty spinning wheel (and blethering, and snacking...) but I did snap my neighbours, Laura (fab felt bags) and Rod Grant (handbuilt spinning wheels - that's Mrs Rod early on morning one before the visitors reached us)
Lovely Ruth was running kids' woolly workshops when she was not modelling her tarty handknitted bikini. I was also delighted to see the bag she had brought which she crocheted in Herdwick wool and my handspun.

 Rob and Katie visited briefly on a break from promoting Crossing Borders artists in the Craft Hall.

And I thought it was appropriate that I was spinning imperial purple when the Countess called by.


Anonymous said...

So, will there be a 'By Royal Appointment' above the Tart Emporium next week?

Anonymous said...

I'm only anonymous because it won't accept an identity! Cx

Lizzi said...

What a great photo of you and the Duchess. You could give her a masterclass.

Tart said...

She was very nice but I don't think there will be a royal queue for Tart merchandise any time soon...