Saturday, March 30

What happened to March?

The month has flown by. I've been in Ahmedabad, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunbar and Sedbergh as well as the rather closer Hawick, Galashiels, Jedburgh and Smailholm, either participating in an event or attending one. And I've managed to make a little new stock for HQ and am halfway through sprucing the caravan up so that I can move my work back into it (now that it's finally above zero at some points in the day).

While I was away I dabbled with some of the photographs I took in Kutch. Here's a small selection of tarted-up images.

 not my yarn, but I could have given it a good home
 one of the resident dogs in the early morning sun at Khamir
 my supplies, beside the loom I used at Khamir

 Ahmedabad rooftop
 one of many weird sights in the Prag Mahal in Bhuj
mud wall decoration in museum in Bhuj

Meanwhile, I am gathering essential kit to continue with the dyeing that I was doing in Kutch. An indigo vat and shibori work are on the cards. Would be so nice if I could have sunshine and do the messy stuff in the open air but that's a wish too far, I think

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Lizzi said...

Lots of ideas and inspiration. It's great to be buzzing with new thoughts and plans.