Sunday, November 25

A day of rest?

Not here! 

Today I have baked bread and cakes,


 made some delicious Amaretto & almond butter for Saturday's Southdean Christmas Fair,


carded lots of luscious fibres


 and toiled over a computer to put some new 'literature' together before Friday!



Lizzi said...

Amaretto and Almond Butter?- ok I am coming to the show...............Keep me one please!

Anonymous said...

have a good one - sorry i'm missing it - dublin and lots of red wine calling!

Lizzi said...

Of course - the rave up!

Anonymous said...

I must confess, that Amaretto Almond Butter has enticed me to make some . I bet it is tastey !

Tart said...

It is very fine! It all sold but last night I made more, filled dates with a little of it and chilled them too. Sampled today (of course)- also rather good!