Friday, August 3


are supposed to be our day off but it seldom works like that. This week, though, we combined some hill-checking with exploring. Hugh needed to see if he could find a safe way up a particular hillside  in the Ettrick Valley in a 4x4 (with the farmer's consent!) so we drove part of the way and walked the rest. 

Then we were free to head off past Megget and Talla reservoirs (vowing to come back and do some walking there) and almost to the junction with the A701. That's when we spotted the single track road to Fruid. A few miles later we had this place all to ourselves. I think it looks like the setting for a modern day John Buchan tale of derring do in the lowland hills.


Anonymous said...

That is slightly unnerving - are you sure you weren't being watched? Probably by some Nazi spies?

Tart said...

it was very peaceful but there was just an air of warfilm set about it, especially the precast concrete pumping station building.....!