Sunday, April 15

The Wanderer Retuns

Well admittedly it wasn't a long absence but it was a busy one. Amsterdam was excellent fun though my legs are inches shorter from all the walking we did. We managed some culture, lots of window shopping and gawping at the street theatre (cyclists, scooters, trams, tourists, the occasional juggler, the inevitable exhibitionist in a Spiderman costume...) We're already scheming how soon we can get back for more Dam-time as there's still so much to see and do there.

I didn't take nearly enough photographs but I couldn't resist snapping this - it's a mobile of tiny toy yachts hanging from the light in the shop of the newly renovated Het Scheepvartmusuem

The museum itself we found really confusing though the replica of the Dutch East India Company trader 'Amsterdam', the cafe and the shop were all winners!

We managed not one but two canal cruises - the one by night with accompanying wine and cheese was particularly fine.
 I'll spare you every last detail of the trip this time because I need to remind you all to come along to Ali's on Friday for a textile extravaganza. See you there, I hope!

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