Friday, December 30

To travel hopefully...

I have designated 2012 my year of exploration. 

Small scale stuff by many people's standards, I know, but I'm hazily planning a few escapades around the country and across the North Sea this coming year.  

Not in this lovely mobile artwork, sadly. I admired it on Wednesday when we had a wee day oot (in stormy wind and rain) to Glasgow where Hugh enjoyed the rockers' dream exhibition at the Kelvingrove and we checked out the Riverside, the fancy new home of the Transport Museum

And I want to explore new ideas in my artwork too - the list of 'must try this' items on my list is impressive.
As I consider what to do first, I've started work on a version of this jacket. I've spun up four yarns which I am combining with a wool/silk mix aran weight from New Lanark. Stripes? Me? How did you guess?

As 2011 fades away, I want to say thanks for reading this far, for the comments both on and off the blog, and for visiting Woolgatherings or HQ or The Tart at fairs this year. May we all have a peaceful, safe and fulfilling year ahead. 



Lizzi said...

Amazing bursts of colour in this post.

Happy New Year, Lindsay.

Helen said...

Lovely colours!

Can I come in your suitcase on your trip across the north sea?

Tart said...

Thanks Lizzi - jacket back finished yesterday!
Helen, of course you can - Amsterdam in April!