Thursday, July 21

Sheep Dip

I have acquired some interesting fleeces - a black Cheviot and Blue Texels. They are much softer and finer than I was expecting so I have been awaiting a dry day to start getting them clean. Today's the day for the Cheviot, and as you can see from the pic of part one soaking in the bath, it really is dark. Some of the rest is decidedly grey but I'll see how it spins up.

Above are three fine old Penguin paperback covers which I couldn't resist sharing with you. The Book of Toys one is rather cool, and the fairground horses are classic folk art - I love 'em!


Anonymous said...

That Fleece Bath looks so appealing. Why? Probably the year-old fleece I have out in the woodshop which is beckoning me to wash it and spin it up ! Thank you for your post. :)

Lizzi said...

I love Lulu and Pat - who could resist.......?

Anonymous said...

That fleece looks lovely - I'm dying to get my hands on a really dark one like that - and is making me feel guilty... the sun's come out, and I've got a Teeswater in the shed that needs washing. Oh, and a Shetland. Hmm.