Thursday, June 30

Farewell June...

.... you didn't linger long, did you? Gone in a flurry of showers and fleeting blossom, washing on the line that got wetter instead of drier, a ceilidh, a party, a fine Woolfest and much painting of walls.

What have I got to show for it? Well, last weekend some friends and I decorated the village hall with real and paper flowers and bunting. That evening we enjoyed a lovely party there to celebrate the retirement and major birthday of a very fine friend and neighbour. It really is a privilege to live here among such good and fun-loving people! The next day I was not fit for all that much but I did make a few similar paper flowers with old sewing patterns.And this? I gathered in a sweet little old style Clothkits skirt at a local jumble sale a year or two back. Said fine friend had made it for her daughter and loved the design. I decided to make her a coffee cosy from it and this was me starting out, quilting it with running stitch.

I have finally acquired enough shades of merino fibre to be able to offer small quantities for sale. So if you are felting or embroidering or otherwise messing about in a creative way with colour, do pop in and select as little as you like - my scale weighs in 2gm intervals!

My latest lovely buttons are printed mother-of-pearl ones which you can see bottom left in this pic (which will enlarge if you click on it, as will they all).

And the lovely fibre in the top heart picture? Well I had a grand time at Woolfest, good company on the drive there and back and catch-ups with friends as well as a little light purchasing. This is dyed alpaca, from Whitby!

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