Sunday, May 22


I finally finished off some cushions. The stitchery part is the enjoyable bit. The tidying it up and making it into a cushion cover, and making a pad to fit (if it's not a nice easy square) is rather less enthralling. But at least the flowery linen one above and the rose heart below are done and off my list. This fabric was a present from Katie and was surprisingly difficult to work with as it has a bit of stretch in it and kept blunting my needles. But the two cushions do show you the lovely effects of using variegated cotton perle thread (available at a very reasonable price from a Tart near you...)

Today was wet and windy, which made it a fine choice for a Woolgathering. Ali and Anne, Janet and Tricia, Jakki and Lizzi and I sewed and knitted and braided and finished off various projects very happily in the village hall. Anne had brought a huge stack of knitting magazines that she'd finished with so we went away with a collection to read through. And we are looking forward to Woolfest at the end of next month and wondering what we'll succumb to this time. At Harlow Carr I didn't only photograph tulips - the little potting shed had been painted a lovely sky blue inside and hung with old but serviceable garden tools. And who can resist auriculas? Though it does seem an odd choice for Douglas Bader, unless there's a hidden connection. You'd think he'd have merited a plant that was reaching skywards rather than these little titches...


Anonymous said...

I love the wee felted balls on the corners - lovely cushions, both. And a nice time had at woolgathering.

Lizzi said...

Hit the wrong button again - don't really need to tell you it was me, do I?

katie said...

well - those roses look great - but I can imagine how difficult it was to sew like that - it really is strange fabric - I was looking at it the other day - and put it away again!!!
see you at woolfest? we going friday

Anonymous said...

Lizzi, you make me smile and who can put a value on that?!
Katie, it would be great to meet up at Friday Woolfest - quick blether over a lunchtime sandwich in the tent?

If I've replied as ANONYMOUS it's because Blogger is playing silly b*****rs and won't let me be ME!

Pattie said...