Monday, January 31

Munch munch munch

So full of good intentions, but they slipped when they saw this.

It was compounded by the discovery of lots of little tables set up in the supermarket where the nice Tunnocks people were promoting their wares.
I chatted with a man in a white coat (!) and tested a new mini chocolate covered caramel wafer. It was very fine.
I showed off theTunnocks Teacake badge on my jacket and was rewarded with a Teacake teatowel.
So I thought I'd buy a wee tub of said mini wafers for Hugh to share at his off-road trial yesterday. He took them but forgot they were in his bag.
So they came home to our fridge.
They are not quite history but rapidly heading into the past tense.
Simple sweet Scottish pleasures....

This latest stitching is on dusky purple linen and it's going to be a cushion when it grows up.

And this is an approximation of how my display looks in the glass cabinet at the Eastgate in Peebles.

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Lizzi said...

I love Tunnocks teacakes. Good luck in Peebles - your embroidery looks amazing.