Sunday, December 19

Festive Cheer

More snow fell
Only a titchy drop here but for other Woolgatherers there was more to contend with if they were to get out today.
A hardy few made it- a small but select gathering in the comfort of my living room, where we shared the stove with Ash and Midge.
We had enough sweet sustenance for a major party so Hugh helped out...
It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for me, spending quality time with friends.

Just like to wish one and all a very festive holiday-time and hope you keep warm and happy.


bizzilizzi said...

I had a lovely day - and got some work done!! Thanks, Linsay and Happy Christmas to you and Hugh.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't make it, it sounds like you had a lovely time. I didn't wake until 2.45, and couldn't have made it due to more snow!!!!!!!! so fed up of the stuff now. Fx

Helen said...

One of these days I'll time a visit down south with a Woolgathering :-) Glad you had some hardy travellers to help with all the delicious goodies. Have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful new year.